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Our commitment and our passion is to grow cannabis of the highest quality, with the best industry standards, at an affordable cost to cater for all your needs. We are privileged to be your partners during your natural healing process.


We believe in the healing power of Cannabis.

Growing plants is our life. Giving you legal access to cannabis grown in the heart of southern farmland of Saskatchewan.

Soutthern Paririe Plant Growers Ltd.

Dried Cannabis

A range of organic, frosty and fragrant cannabis buds cured to perfection covering a wide range of THC and CBD concentrations for your optimum satisfaction.

Soutthern Paririe Plant Growers Ltd.

Cannabis Oils

Extracted from the best dried cannabis to produce pure and safe cannabis oil products. Cannabis Oils provides alternative means of consumption with accurate dosing and long lasting effects.

Why choose Southern Prairie?

We endeavor to exceed our customers expectation by conducting extensive research on how to safely and carefully grow the best possible cannabis. From selecting seeds with specific traits to packaging our product in the most convenient method to our customer. Have thoughts, suggestions or comments? Feel free to share them by selecting CONTACT and reaching out. We love to hear from you!