tested for quality

From seed to sale of consumable cannabis products, we apply strict quality and safety procedures to ensure that our buyer receive consistently high-quality products every time. Southern Prairie Plant Growers products are tested for impurity, heavy metals, microbiological and mycotoxins contamination. Our tested products are free of E. coli and salmonella and other micro-organisms like S. aureus, yeast and mold are kept well below food-safe level. In essence, we ensure that in every step we take, we are in full compliance with pharmacopeia limits for natural health products and other similar products made in Canada.

traced for accuracy

We make sure our products are traceable from the starting plant material up to the client package. We assigned unique lot number to each production batch for traceability and it can be used in the unlikely event of a recall. Cannabinoid concentration tests are done including THC and CBD to ensure customer receive only the highest quality products as described on packaging.


Plants grown indoor or outdoor have potential to expose to bacteria and mold and cannabis is no exception. Medical cannabis user with immune related conditions may risk of bacteria and mold infections. We treated our products with latest technologies, to make sure that our products are free of bacteria and mold. We follow good production practices and take measures to control bacteria and mold to fully eliminate their presence following the best practices that many food products including meat and spices consumed daily in Canada are using.

pesticide free

Southern Prairie Plant Grower believes on integrated pest management practices. We do not use chemical pesticides on our cannabis.


Southern Prairie Plant Growers believes “quality every time”.

All the inputs we used to grow our cannabis are tested for quality and safety. We grow our cannabis in climate-controlled environment to ensure uniformity of each lot. Our healthy crop and consumer product are the result of our reliable and safe inputs selection.